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native ( UISequence ) implements ( UIEventContainer )

Specialization type of sequence used to store the events associated with a single widget. Copyright 1998-2007 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

+-- Engine.SequenceObject
   +-- Engine.SequenceOp
      +-- Engine.Sequence
         +-- Engine.UISequence

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Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Engine.Sequence
ActiveSequenceOps, bEnabled, DefaultViewX, DefaultViewY, DefaultViewZoom, DelayedActivatedOps, LogFile, NestedSequences, SequenceObjects, UnregisteredEvents
Inherited Variables from Engine.SequenceOp
ActivateCount, bActive, bAutoActivateOutputLinks, bLatentExecution, EventLinks, InputLinks, OutputLinks, PlayerIndex, SearchTag, VariableLinks

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from Engine.Sequence
Inherited Structures from Engine.SequenceOp
SeqEventLink, SeqOpInputLink, SeqOpOutputInputLink, SeqOpOutputLink, SeqVarLink

Functions Summary
functionbool AddSequenceObject (SequenceObject NewObj, optional bool bRecurse)
functionUIScreenObject GetOwner () con)
function GetUIEvents (out array<UIEvent> out_Events, optional class<UIEvent> LimitClass)
function RemoveSequenceObject (SequenceObject ObjectToRemove)
function RemoveSequenceObjects (const out array<SequenceObject> ObjectsToRemove)
Inherited Functions from Engine.Sequence
FindSeqObjectsByClass, Reset, SetEnabled
Inherited Functions from Engine.SequenceOp
Activated, Deactivated, GetBoolVars, GetController, GetLinkedObjects, GetObjectVars, GetPawn, HasLinkedOps, LinkedVariables, PopulateLinkedVariableValues, PublishLinkedVariableValues, Reset

Variables Detail

UIEvents Source code

var private const transient noimport init array<UIEvent> UIEvents;
List of UIEvent objects contained by this UISequence.

Functions Detail

AddSequenceObject Source code

native final noexport function bool AddSequenceObject ( SequenceObject NewObj, optional bool bRecurse )
Adds a new SequenceObject to this containers's list of ops
@param NewObj the sequence object to add.
@param bRecurse if TRUE, recursively add any sequence objects attached to this one
@return TRUE if the object was successfully added to the sequence.

GetOwner Source code

native final const function UIScreenObject GetOwner ( ) con )
Return the UIScreenObject that owns this sequence.

GetUIEvents Source code

native final function GetUIEvents ( out array<UIEvent> out_Events, optional class<UIEvent> LimitClass )
Retrieves the UIEvents contained by this container.
@param out_Events will be filled with the UIEvent instances stored in by this container
@param LimitClass if specified, only events of the specified class (or child class) will be added to the array

RemoveSequenceObject Source code

native final function RemoveSequenceObject ( SequenceObject ObjectToRemove )
Removes the specified SequenceObject from this container's list of ops.
@param ObjectToRemove the sequence object to remove

RemoveSequenceObjects Source code

native final function RemoveSequenceObjects ( const out array<SequenceObject> ObjectsToRemove )
Removes the specified SequenceObjects from this container's list of ops.
@param ObjectsToRemove the objects to remove from this sequence


   ObjName="Widget Events"

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